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Beat Saber gets a level editor and leaves Early Access next week

Beat Saber's level editor has a release date

Beat Saber’s already achieved the rare status of being a breakout VR hit, and it’s still in Early Access. Developer Beat Games is about to push one of the best VR games on PC over to a proper 1.0 release, and the launch will bring us one big, long-awaited feature in particular: a full level editor which will let you lay down your own tracks for your own music.

The level editor is “2D and it’s very simple –  as we have always planned it since its original inception,” the developers say in the announcement post. The ‘Beat Saber’ track from the previous OST will be included for free here, as a way for players to mess around with the level editor before dealing with importing their own songs.

If you haven’t bought into Beat Saber yet, you might want to do it soon. The price will increase to $29.99 USD when the game leaves Early Access. The developers are broadly unifying the game across platforms at the same time – whether on Steam, the Oculus Store, or PlayStation VR – though the level editor will remain exclusive to us PC folks.

The 1.0 release of Beat Saber is scheduled to coincide with the launch of the Oculus Quest on May 21.

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While Beat Saber’s officially dropping the ‘Early Access’ tag, the devs promise plenty of more updates to come, including both free and paid song additions as well as plenty of more substantial new content and features.