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Behold the power of the Age of Wonders 3 Level Editor

Age of Wonders 3 level editor

For all the budding modders who have been downtrodden by lack of tool support from developers over recent years, Age of Wonders 3 must come as a massive relief. It not only comes with modding tools, but really really good ones. The Level Editor allows you to make your own missions and maps, using anything from in-game assets to your own custom built models. This new video from Triumph Studios demonstrates the power of the editor. 

The Level Editor allows the production of both single and multi-player scenarios, and thanks to a cut-scene creator you can quite easily create a complete cinematic campaign with voice acting should you have the expertise and ambition.

Available for free to everyone who has Age of Wonders 3, you can launch it from the main menu. Not sure if you should invest in the game? Fraser reviewed it this week, and found it to be “the best that Age of Wonders has ever been”, and a game that was worth waiting 11 years for.

Thanks, VG247.