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US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is launching a Twitch channel

US presidential candidate will be using Twitch as part of his 2020 campaign

Bernie Sanders is launching his own Twitch channel. Yes, that Bernie Sanders – the US Presidential candidate and senator from Vermont – is now a verified user on the videogame streaming platform. There’s no content live to peruse just yet, but as the 2020 presidential election run-up draws nearer, he’ll surely be making use of it very soon.

According to Vox site Recode the Sanders campaign will use the Twitch channel, as well as Facebook and YouTube, to stream “Bernie TV-style” live videos, which will see the presidential hopeful and staff talk campaign updates and news. There will also be pre- and post-debate videos, with regular livestreams to follow.

The Sanders campaign digital communications director, Josh Miller-Lewis, says that video is “something that’s been part of Bernie’s entire career” and that “we’re moving toward doing a lot more live content on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, tapping into an audience where there’s not a lot of political content already”, Recode reports. He adds that this ties into the “Not me. Us” aspect of Sanders’ campaign – a tile for which can be seen at the bottom of his Twitch page.

Given that there will be debates among the Democratic candidates this Thursday, it seems likely we’ll see some topical content around then.

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It’s notable that politicians are increasingly making use of new media – and in this case, of a platform that caters largely to videogames – in looking to spread their message. One of Sanders’ rival Democratic candidates, Andrew Yang, narrowly beat him to become the first presidential candidate in US history with a Twitch channel.

This follows Sanders’ recent support on Twitter for Game Workers Unite, a union movement for members of the videogame industry. Who knows, perhaps one day he might be tempted to jump into the full Twitch experience, and maybe try out some League of Legends or Fortnite streaming. It looks unlikely, but you can always keep an eye on his channel, just in case.