The best of the Steam Summer Sale deals, day four: our wallets won’t last

Outlast face

Sunday isn’t the ‘day of rest’ when there’s a Steam Summer Sale on the loose. We’ve got a pick ‘n’ mix of really good games today and your wallet is going to hurt for it. Outlast, Borderlands 2, South Park: The Stick of Truth and The Wolf Among Us are all games worthy of their seductive price tags. Which ones are you going to pick up?

Here’s my take on the best games to pick up on Day 4’s sales.

Daily Deals:

Outlast is a grotesque first person horror game that will have you constantly checking your back. Set inside Mount Massive Asylum, you play as an investigative journalist who’s thrown head first into the jaws of a terrible secret. You’ll find yourself at the mercy of all the inmates without any way to defend yourself: all you have is your trusty video camera to see what lurks in the dark. It’s relentless, unforgiving and damn right brutal; this game is not for the faint hearted. If you’re a lover of horror games, then pick it up for £3.74/$4.99.

Borderlands 2 offers a unique blend of both FPS action and an RPG loot system; dubbing itself a “shoot and loot” game. It has a taste for some hilarious and outlandish humor, which can be experienced together in up to four player co-op. The dialogue is witty, classes are fun and the antagonist is probably one of the best bad guys in video games. For £4.99/$4.99 you can pick up a solid game, or if you’re feeling generous buy the four pack for £14.99/$14.99 and get some friends involved.

The Wolf Among Us is another of Telltale’s episodic point and click adventures. I’ve only played the first two episodes – which there are currently four available as of today – and I was thoroughly impressed. Telltale’s twisted interpretation of our beloved fairy tales gives you a false sense of familiarity, which the game does a pretty good job of smashing to pieces. If you enjoyed The Walking Dead, then picking this up for £6.45/$8.49 is one easy purchase.

South Park: The Stick of Truth I’ve not actually played, but I believe it deserves a mention because it was the first game that PCGamesN awarded a 10/10. You can read all about it in Fraser’s review here; I think it looks rather tempting for a reasonable£26.79/$40.19

Flash Sales:

You should really take a good look at Sleeping Dogs for £2.99/$3.99. It’s an open world game set in Hong Kong, where you play as undercover cop Wei Shen. You’ll battle triad gangs from the inside, but you’ll be torn between your loyalty to the badge and your criminal ties. It’s a great game: one that I would argue you should play while Watch_Dogs recieves some TLC from Ubisoft to fix those PC issues.

Community’s Choice:

You could pick up Metro: Last Light for £6.79/$6.79, but we know there’s the redux versions of the Metro games coming in later in summer. Otherwise pick up Slender: The Arrival for quick and guaranteed fright fest, as it’s only £1.74/$2.49 which is a bargain.