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Beta get cracking: WildStar open beta begins today and ends on the 18th

WildStar open beta begins

If you’ve been intrigued by WildStar but haven’t managed to nab one of the 500 billion beta codes we’ve given out, you’ll be happy to know that Carbine’s colourful MMO is in open beta. But only for 10 days. 

If it does tickle your fancy and keep you playing until the 18th, you won’t have long to wait until you can dive back into the Nexus, as it launches on June 3rd. Carbine’s also chucked up a new beta trailer, which you can slap your gooey orbs of sight on below. 

The move to open beta also raises the level cap to 30 and adds European servers, so you can continue gallivanting around Nexus, exploring further and, if you’re in Europe, with less latency problems.

Obviously you won’t be able to reach the end game, which is where – if you stick around – you’ll probably end up spending most of your time post-launch. But at least there will still be some surprises and mysteries for you come June.

On Friday, May 9th, Carbine will be doing a huge 6 hour livestream, showing off a fair chunk of the game and higher level open beta content over on Twitch from 8PM CEST.

Are any of you lovely lot going to be taking a trip to the Nexus?