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Bethesda continue to tease, saying “mystery revealed tomorrow”


Bethesda have been playing hard to get recently, releasing small short clips with cryptic contents. The first featured barbed wire and sheet music, which we found out was not related to a new Fallout game. The second was released yesterday, and featured brutal sunflower murder and a strange man. Now we’re faced with a third and final clip, which displays some eerie silhouettes against a window.

What does it all mean!?

Before we put on our tinfoil hats, lets take a look at the clip:

So we’re looking at a window. A big window. Then something in the top left corner comes into view, and then jumps to the right. Finally we’re greeted by some sort of furry fellow. There also appears to be smoke in the bottom left corner of the window.

Current guesses put this between a new Wolfenstein, Stalker or possibly something to do with Project Zwei which was announced nearly a year ago.

Whatever it is, Bethesda are revealing all sometime tomorrow.