Bethesda package teases first details of 2012 Summer Steam Sale


Yes, we’re getting annoyed by the lack of news about a Steam sale too. We’ve been saving our pennies for the last six months, like snow-addled carol singers, they’re wearing holes in our pockets with their insistent jingling. Jingle, jingle, jingle. Fear not! Our moles in Valve have pointed to new entries in Steam’s back-end which MAY show some of the games that will be on-sale.

If you take a good hard look at this site, you’ll see that Steam has updated a big bunch of Bethesda’s games a new bundle package.

Hunted, Brink, Fallout New Vegas, and Skyrim all look to have the same new code and hence we guess are associated with this bundle. The most likely, and almost certainly true explanation: that they’re being packaged up ready for this year’s Steam Summer sale.

There are a quite a fewmore titles that have received similar bundle treatment.Here’s a list created by a superb redditor:

2K Games: –Bioshock 2 complete –Mafia 2 complete –Spec Ops:The Line– –Duke Nukem Complete– –Darkness 2–
Indie Games Big Bundle: –Darwinia– –Gish– –Audiosurf– –Everyday Shooter– –Mr.Robot– –World of Goo– –Braid– –Crayons Physics Deluxe– –The Path– –Blueberry Garden–
Small Indie Bundle: –Everyday Shooter– –World of Goo– –Braid– –The Path– –Blueberry Garden–
Indie Fright Pack: –The Path– –Zombie Driver– –Scourge Project– –The Void– –Burn Zombie Burn–
1C collection: –Men of War: Red Tide– –Kings Bounty: Armored Princess– –Men of War + Vietnam– –Cryostasis– –Necrovision + Lost Company– –Kings Bounty: The Legend + Crossworlds– –Theater of War– –Space Rangers 2– –Men of War: Assault Squad + Condemned Heroes–
Stardock: –Galactic Civilization 2– –DemiGod– –Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion–
Bitcomposer: –Stalker: Call of Pripyat Clear Sky– –The Void– –Ninja Blade– –Ion Assault– –Cargo– –Rockin Dead– –Air Conlicts Secret Wars– –Galaxy on Fire HD–

We wondered if the recent, and still unexplained, Team Fortress 2 item drops were related to the forthcoming sale.

In the meantime, the demands on Valve to release the Steam saleare becoming more extreme:

We do not condone this kind of thing.

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