The Big Bad Interrogator: The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Red Band trailer is pretty grim

The Wold Among Us Red Band trailer

We’ve been left waiting for a good long while for episode 2, title “Smoke and Mirrors”, and I’m salivating like a wolf at the prospect of finally playing it. Cliffhangers are bad enough when you can find out what happens a week later, but by the time the second episode launches we’ll have been waiting for four months. 

Anyway, no more faffing around, here’s the Red Band trailer for the upcoming episode. 

I’d say that escalated quickly, but The Wolf Among Us is a pretty bleak, violent affair all the time so a trailer featuring the protagonist, Bigby Wolf, aggressively interrogating, threatening and fighting folk seems pretty par for the course.

Things will no doubt be a bit different depending on the choices you made last episode and the one’s you’re going to make next month, and I’m wracking my brain trying to remember what I said to Beast when he asked if I’d seen Beauty. I’m pretty sure I brushed him off and said it wasn’t any of my business. Regardless, I expect to get into a few brawls before the episode is done.