The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will make you uncomfortable on November 4th

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Are you haunted by nightmarish visions? Constantly feeling ill at ease, even in your own home? Do naked cultists lull you to fitful sleeps with infernal singing? 

If not, you should probably watch this The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth trailer.

Edmund McMillen’s twisted roguelike shooter, which pit the titular Isaac against the monstrous denizens of his zealotic mother’s basement, has been given the remake treatment, and it’s due out on November 4th on Steam.

Rebirth doesn’t skimp on the new features. It launches with controller support, local 2-player co-op, 100 co-op characters, 160 new unlockable items and a significant visual upgrade. The engine new, and so is the hand-drawn pixel art.

That’s all great, I guess, but is somewhat overshadowed by the poop physics, something more games need.

I do love my roguelikes, and conveniently, I rather enjoy playing games that make me feel extremely uncomfortable – but bloody hell was I terrible at The Binding of Isaac. I’m just a slow, old man, with crap fingers. I will be expecting my co-op partner to carry me in Rebirth.

If you already own the original, you’ll get a lovely 33 percent discount on Rebirth.