BioShock SGDQ 2016 speedrun interrupted by Windows 10 update – or so it seemed

Bioshock SGDQ 2016 Windows 10

Summer Games Done Quick 2016 is on right now, a games speedrunning marathon stretching across seven days in aid of Doctors Without Borders. Last night was the PC FPS block of games, including Dishonored, Wolfenstein, and BioShock. On that last, runner Alex aka ‘Bl00d_Thunder’ encountered what looked like the infamous blue screen of the Windows 10 update, famed for taking over systems at inopportune moments, half way through his attempt.

The best PC games and the best speedrun games often line up.

You can see it happening, including worried commentators and excited crowd, at about 15:37:00 into the archive below.

What seemed like a disaster at the time turned out to be a prank by Alex. As he explained on Reddit, it was as simple as rendering a version of the update screen and then replacing the cutscene that was supposed to play at that moment. A rather elegant solution to the problem of unskippable cinematics we’ve all seen 10,000 times.

Check out GamesDoneQuick for more from SGDQ, including the full schedule. As for Alex, he streams and YouTubes all his speedruns, including being a multiple-time Fallout 4 world-record holder, and his current project nu-Doom – this skip is particularly entertaining. You can also see all his work on his site.

Thanks, EG.