BioWare shows off Dragon Age: Inquisition’s dragon slaying and motley crew

Dragon Age: Inquisition battle

The last Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer was all about the soft piano music, but BioWare decided to up its game with a live cello recital to accompany new footage shown at EA’s E3 conference. 

BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn says Inquisition marks the next generation of BioWare games. It seems a bit like posturing, especially when he follows this up by explaining that you can control all of your party members. Like previous Dragon Age games. And basically every RPG BioWare has made. 

I stopped sneering when he showed off an in-game battle between the Inquisitors and a dragon. 

The invisible player switched between their party members, firing arrows, flinging spells, flailing around with large swords, and those attacks targeted specific parts of the giant lizard’s monstrous body.

Going to town on the agitated beast’s leg gave it a limp, so it struck back with its mighty tail and then buggered off into the sky.

Flynn briefly showed a quick static image of the tactical mode, as well. It’s unfortunate that the real-time action mode got all of the attention thanks to its flashiness, but even seeing a still of the top down, real-time with pause mode put some niggling fears to rest.

Some of the titular Inquisitors got their time in the spotlight, too. There’s angry Beardy McBeard, Big Qunari Man, Lips and Hips McGee and, of course, THE WILDCARD.