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BioWare spills Dragon Age: Inquisition class details and unleashes a flood of screenshots

Dragon Age: Inquisition classes

BioWare just threw up a smorgasbord of new Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots, some unseen by non-BioWarian human eyes, while others are from the most recent trailer. They are a lovely bunch of screenshots, though severely lacking in images of Varric’s burly chest. 

More class details have also emerged, with BioWare spilling the beans on the warrior, rogue and mage classes, and one of each of their specialist classes. Two more for each class are yet to be revealed. 

  • Warrior
    • These front-line fighters can create opportunities for their ranged chums, steal focus from enemies. They can be giant, shielded damage sponges or death dealing fighters.
  • Champion
    • Champions are burly protectors of the weak and feeble. Their armour and weapons allow them to shrug off enemy attacks, while they stand around looking after their squishy buddies.

  • Mage
    • Healers, damage dealers, manipulators – mages fill a lot of roles. They can summon elemental magic to wipe out their foes or weaken them and let their party take care of the rest. They also like silly hats.
  • Knight Enchanter
    • Instead of shooting magic out of their hands and staffs, Knight Enchanters use their powers to protect themselves and create arcane weapons. They use magic, but fight like warriors.

  • Rogue
    • Tricky, sneaky buggers. Using crossbows from range or daggers up close, they are all about tearing through enemies. And they might steal your wallet, but they can hardly be blamed for making the most of an opportunity.
  • Artificer
    • Engineers and trap builders, Artificers distract and injure with ingenious contraptions. Instead of stealing your wallet, they’ll just wait for you to step on a bear trap and maybe chuck something sinister at you.

Any class tickling your fancy more than the others? You’ve got until October to make your mind up, so take your time.

Cheers, OXM.