Best Black Friday gaming keyboard deals

Cyber Monday is over, but there are still Corsair, Logitech, and Razer gaming keyboards reduced right now

A Razer keyboard sits next to a mouse and a pair of headphones for Black Friday

Cyber Monday has officially come to a close, but there are still some deals out in the wild. While it’s difficult to decide which gaming PC accessories and components to upgrade, investing in the best gaming keyboard is a great way to round off your set-up. Saving a few pennies on your clicky-clacky companion could also enable you to pair it with a new gaming mouse, or save up for one of those expensive graphics cards that no one can get a hold of.

Why exactly should you get a gaming keyboard over the standard beige rectangle dossed around the workplace? Those everyday keyboards can only handle an average of two inputs at once, which can be problematic when you want to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge out of your enemy’s way, throw a grenade, and swap weapons in quick succession.

The benefits don’t end there either, as gaming keyboards often come with faster response times, comfortable wrist rests, macro keys, media buttons, RGB lighting, a choice of different kinds of switches, and plenty more goodies, too.

Here are the best Black Friday gaming keyboard deals:

When is Black Friday 2022?

Cyber Monday 2021 is done and dusted, but Black Friday 2022 will commence on November 25 next year. While the best deals often rear their head during the holiday period, there are bargains to be found in the weeks and months leading up to the sales, and discounts often hang around the week after the event officially ends.

How to find the best Black Friday deals

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The Logitech G613 wireless mechanical keyboardBUY NOW

Logitech G613 Wireless (46% off)

Logitech is one of the most respected PC peripheral manufacturers in the world, and its gaming keyboards are no exception. The G613 wireless uses the company’s custom-design Romer-G Tactile mechanical switches to provide fast and responsive key presses with a quieter sound profile. It features Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology to achieve wired-like performance that will make you wonder why you didn’t cut the cord sooner.

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Razer Ornata Chroma (20% off)

The Razer Ornata Chroma uses Razer Mecha-Membrane to bring the best qualities of membrane and mechanical switches into one gaming keyboard. It also features customisable RGB lighting, with up to 16.8 million colour options and support for Razer Chroma software, which can communicate with supported games to have the keyboard produce reactive RGB lighting.

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RAZER BlackWidow V3 Mini (17% off)

Gaming keyboards can take up a lot of space on your desk, not to mention pesky cables cluttering things up. Razer has the solution, with its wireless BlackWidow V3 Mini, giving you ample room to swing your mouse about. It comes with the company’s signature Chroma RGB lighting, the option to connect via 2.4GHz for minimal latency or Bluetooth for convenience, and fully-fledged mechanical switches. Best of all, it’s still got 17% off.

Best Black Friday gaming keyboard deals

If our picks don’t cut it, check out what else is available:

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Membrane vs mechanical gaming keyboards

Both membrane and mechanical keyboards come with benefits, but if you’re looking for precision when playing the best FPS games, you might want to opt for something with reliable microswitches, as they’re usually more tactile and responsive. That said, clicky-clacky keyboards aren’t for everyone, so if you’re looking for a silent typing experience, you’ll want to go with a good quality rubber membrane board.