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Blackguards gets some vengeful DLC next month

Blackguards DLC

I was rather surprised by Daedalic’s Blackguards. A massive departure from the adventure game studio, it had more in common with the criminally underrated Temple of Elemental Evil than anything the developer had produced before. 

What it lacked in decent writing or sympathetic characters, it more than made up for in riveting combat demanding plenty of tactical nouse. The environment is a weapon in Blackguards, and is as likely to wipe your party as it is to assist them. Knowing when and how to use it is key. 

It launched at the end of last month, and Daedalic’s already preparing to roll out the first piece of DLC, Untold Legends, launching March 4th for £3.99.

“Shedding light on the background and heritage of the former slave and arena fighter Takate, Untold Legends expands the story of Blackguards,” says Daedalic. “From his home in the foothills of the rainforest of South Aventuria, players will learn how Takate became a slave gladiator and get the opportunity to carry out his revenge on the slavers who caused him a life of pain.”

Along with a new yarn, Untold Legends introduces 10 new battle maps, a bunch of quests and some shiny new tools for slaughtering foes with. At the same time, Daedalic will also be patching Blackguards, implementing tweaks and balance changes as well as a more transparent combat log.

Untold Legends is free for those of you who bought the Contributor’s Edition on Steam and £3.99 for everyone else.