Blade & Soul adds the Warlock class in second post-launch update, Unchained

Blade & Soul warlock

After Blade & Soul’s successful launch, to the tune of two million players no less, they’ve been keeping the development and translation of new content coming to maintain that surprisingly massive playerbase’s interest. The next big update is Unchained, bringing with it the Warlock class that has been debuted in a new video showing off demon summoning, soul-crushing power.

We chose to highlight Blade & Soul, along with a few others, in our round-up of new MMOs.

Here’s the official first look at the class, which operates as an extreme glass cannon, taking time to prepare big spells for massive damage but being fragile if you manage to engage them in combat.

Meanwhile the official site has a run down of skills, roles and combos. The class is only the second to be purely based on ranged combat in the game, partnered with a summonable Thrall that keeps opponents busy while you wind up for another big set of spells to decimate healthbars. They also have a focus on debuffs, letting them take targets down quicker to get resets on their biggest damage abilities to chain deaths. This effect can also be spread to allies in party play, making them extraordinarily powerful.

As for the rest of the Unchained patch, that’s also been detailed, bringing with it a pair of new dungeons, one for parties and one to go about solo. As you’d expect, it’ll also have the usual ream of patch notes rebalancing everything. The Blade & Soul dev team recently did a livestream showing off some of this stuff, which you can see the archive of below.

Game’s free if you’re wanting to try it.