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Win one of 6,000 high-wire martial arts weekends in the Blade & Soul closed beta

Blade & Soul

There’s no fair compensation for having your master killed right in the middle of Philosophy and Fuck-Off Swords 101, but if there were, it would probably be gravity-ambivalent close combat – the likes of which MMOs rarely see.

Blade & Soul is a Korean martial arts extravaganza currently on a localisation journey to the West. It’s not due to arrive until early next year, but you can meet it halfway for a closed beta weekend in the meantime. Here’s how to get your key.

See the widget below? Give one of its options a click and it’ll promptly pop out a code, which guarantees you access to the game from this Friday, November 13th at 19:00 CET til Tuesday 17th at 7:00 CET. The keys are first-come-first-served, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

If you’re early enough to land one, you’ll want to download the Blade & Soul client (direct link) and log into an NCSoft account. From there, head to the account management page and enter your magic numbers in the ‘Apply a Code’ section. Then, navigate to the Blade & Soul tab in Unused Serial Codes and click to apply the closed beta coupon. You’ll know you’ve done it right, ‘cos you’ll get a confirmation email, and soon enough be zipping about the MMO with every other wronged apprentice.

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Blade & Soul closed beta