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The Bleeding Edge release date has leaked ahead of X019

Who doesn’t love a leak mere hours before a reveal?

X019 is nearly here and it seems there are some leaks appearing. Due to an overeager Microsoft page for the upcoming character brawler Bleeding Edge, we have some tentative release and beta dates for the game. In addition, we now know more information on pre-order bonuses and the first skins coming to the game.

The page was spotted by True Achievements earlier today and stated that the first closed beta will arrive February 14 for Game Pass owners and those who preorder the title. A second closed beta will go live on March 13, just over a week before the full game is released.

Ninja Theory’s new game is likely arriving on to Xbox and PC on March 24, 2020. That’s according to the leak from the site, but if that date changes during X019, we will update this story. There have also been some other minor leaks regarding X019 already so we’ll all see if these leaks are legitimate very soon.

Other pre-order details were also revealed. According to the site, if you pre-order to play the game within the first week of the game’s launch you will receive an exclusive ‘Punk Pack’. This gives the characters new skins like ‘Punk Rock Nidhoggr’, ‘Butterpunk Buttercup’, and ‘Outrider ZeroCool’. The ‘Rioter’s Hoverboard’ and a sticker pack for the game will be part of the Punk Pack along with a taunt or three. I guess taunts are more punk than emotes.

Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer character brawler where you and your team have to beat out the opposition. It was revealed at E3 earlier this year, and officially speaking, hasn’t yet been given a solid release date. Think Overwatch but with a little more melee and less conventionally cool character designs. Rad all the same.