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Ninja Theory’s follow-up to Hellblade is 4v4 multiplayer melee Bleeding Edge

A Bleeding Edge trailer leak seems to confirm the next game from Ninja Theory

A leaked trailer has surfaced for Bleeding Edge, the next title from Hellblade developer Ninja Theory. Yes, we’re still a few days removed from the official start of E3 – but that only means it’s time for the leaks to start flowing. Assuming the trailer is real (and it certainly looks that way), Nina Theory’s next game is 4v4 online multiplayer title that will start running a technical alpha oh June 27.

The trailer comes from Xboxer.sk (via Nibel on Twitter), and it shows a colourful but violent sci-fi setting where teams of players battle it out with fists, melee weapons, and the occasional gun. We don’t have much to go on beyond the quick flashes of action in the trailer, but it looks like there’ll be a big cast of selectable characters each equipped with their own weapons and special abilities.

Ninja Theory registered a trademark for the title Bleeding Edge last year (noted on NeoGAF), and some unverified rumours about the game came out around the same time. One notes that the game will have a story-focused co-op mode with 18 levels and will launch early next year – that’s just close enough to what we’re seeing out of this 4v4 online thing to be worth noting, but you should take this part with more than a grain of salt.

More concretely, it looks like this title has been in development for a very long time. As Daniel Ahmad notes on Twitter, concepts for Bleeding Edge go back half-a-decade at Ninja Theory, well before the studio was acquired by Microsoft.

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Check out the full E3 2019 press conference schedule, and expect to see Bleeding Edge unveiled for real at Microsoft’s Xbox presentation on Sunday.