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You can now gift a friend Blizzard Balance on Battle.net

WoW gold battlenet balance

Got an online friend you want to send a present to, but can’t quite afford the Overwatch skin they’re after? Or maybe you want to let your long-distance raid partner know you appreciate their support, but you’re not quite sure what in-game item to send?

Luckily Blizzard have solved this awkward social problem, as you can now gift a friend Blizzard Balance on Battle.net instead.

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Yesterday, Blizzard announced they have expanded their gifting service to allow Battle.net users to send Blizzard Balance to their friends. In other words, you can send in-game currency to other players. Previously, users could only send in-game items as gifts.

Here’s how to gift Blizzard Balance to a friend through Battle.net:

  • Visit the Blizzard Shop
  • Go to Blizzard Balance
  • Select ‘Add/Gift Balance’
  • Choose the amount you want to send
  • Hit ‘Gift Balance’
  • Then select a friend

Blizzard will then send the amount, with a special notification and a personalised message of your choosing, to your friend. Your friend then needs to claim the digital gift balance into their account.

Balance gifting is available now on Battle.net.