The best Hearthstone decks for beginners

Struggling to find the best Hearthstone decks? Here are all the best decks for beginners

Hearthstone decks

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and welcome to the best Hearthstone decks for beginners. Trying out any new game for the first time can be confusing, especially when it asks you to make a deck from cards you don’t own yet. Give yourself a little time and practise, and you’ll be deckbuilding with the best of them.

Though it definitely helps to have a robust collection of cards, it’s not essential to own every legendary card in the game. Your opponent may have an expensive deck, but that doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to win. As long as you understand what cards your opponents could have and try to play around them as best you can, you should have no problem climbing the ranked ladder.

We’re going to show you some of the cheapest, easiest, and best beginner decks to master in Hearthstone. They’ll come from a range of classes and hopefully do the job you want them to do. Win. The current expansion is Forged in the Barrens which launched on March 30. Since then, Blizzard has introduced a number of balance changes to the game to keep things fresh. The Forged in the Barrens mini-set is set to arrive at some point within the next few weeks.

Best Hearthstone decks for beginners

The best Hearthstone decks for beginners are:

  • Face Hunter
  • Secret Libram Paladin
  • Control Warlock
  • Deathrattle Demon Hunter

Face Hunter

Deck Code: AAECAR8Cj+MDv6AEDqK5A/m6A/+6A9zMA5vNA6LOA4LQA7nSA7ThA4biA9zqA9vtA6mfBLugBAA=
Dust Total: 2920

If you want to crush any control deck on the ranked ladder, Face Hunter is the deck for you. Face Hunter’s mana curve is largely built around one and two drops, allowing you to play cards every turn without fail. Flood the board with cheap minions like Intrepid Initiate, Wolpertinger, and Demon Companion to establish early dominance in the game.

Though the introduction of the Core Set removed a lot of Hunter’s powerful finishers, there are a number of replacements which seem to fill the same role very well. Cards like Quick Shot and Piercing Shot give Hunter the extra power to close out games before control decks can reach their power turn.

This is the most optimal deck when it comes to climbing the ladder as games on average end before turn seven. Face Hunter is an easy deck to pilot for beginners and is one of the cheapest viable decks that could realistically take you to legend rank.

Secret Libram Paladin

Dust Total: 5760

Libram Paladin was already a powerful deck before the changes introduced in the Year of the Gryphon, and now it’s even better thanks to the new Forged in the Barrens cards. Sword of the Fallen makes it very easy to play powerful secrets hidden in your deck, allowing you to establish a board while ruining your opponent’s game plan. Oh My Yogg!, Avenge, and Galloping Savior are difficult secrets to play around, forcing your opponent to make suboptimal decisions.

You should be able to establish a board thanks to spells like Hand of A’dal and Libram of Wisdom to keep your minions healthy at all times. Playing these buff spells throughout the game will power up Lady Liadrin, giving you a late game bomb as well as a handful of spells. By playing Aldor Truthseeker, you can lower the cost of the Librams in your deck to make the spells from Lady Liadrin cost next to nothing.

This deck is currently dominating the meta as it has answers to every single class. Libram of Justice is perfect for wiping out powerful minions, Libram of Hope keeps your health topped up and provides a massive threat, and Kazakus, Golem Shaper gives you a powerful card to play at almost any point in the game.

Control Warlock

Deck Code: AAECAf0GCM/SA5XeA/zeA87hA/bjA/LtA6iKBIWgBAusywPM0gPN0gOO1APG3gPm4QP14wP44wOS5AODoATnoAQA
Dust Total: 10020

As long as Tickatus manages to avoid a nerf, Control Warlock will continue to reign as a king of control decks. Against other control decks, Tickatus can dominate the game by ensuring your opponent runs out of cards. This deck has the answer to almost everything thanks to the sheer number of removal spells Warlock has at its disposal: Hysteria, Cascading Disaster, and Twisting Nether makes it easy to reset a board state.

The soul fragment package (Spirit Jailer, Soul Shear, and School Spirits) gives you even more removal while also providing a late-game bomb with Soulciologist Malicia. The revamped version of Lord Jaraxxus allows you to constantly play two mana 6/6 minions without the 15 health restriction that plagued the card for years. This deck also includes Envoy Rustwix which is great for closing out games with three powerful Prime Legendary cards.

To top things off, Control Warlock also plays a number of corrupted cards to fuel Y’Shaarj, the Defiler. Playing cards like Cascading Disaster and Tickatus were annoying the first time round, let alone on turn ten for zero mana alongside a 10/10 Y’Shaarj.

Deathrattle Demon Hunter

Deck Code: AAECAea5AwTZxgP66AO/7QOoigQN4c4Dyd0D8+MD9+gD+egDmOoDmeoDu+0DvO0Dvu0D/e0DgIUEpooEAA==
Dust Total: 5980

When Deathrattle Demon Hunter was first revealed, many players thought this archetype would never see play due to the lack of quality deathrattle minions. Not long after the launch of Forged in the Barrens, players began to realise the power of minions like Razorfen Beastmaster and Razorboar. These minions may look harmless at first, but they both have the ability to cycle minions without needing to spend any mana.

You can ensure you always have a deathrattle minion in your hand with Vengeful Spirit, a four mana 4/4 that tutors two deathrattle cards. Darkspear Berserker and Renowned Performer are decent cards for four mana, but they typically cost nothing thanks to Razorfen Beastmaster’s deathrattle. Death Speaker Blackthorn is an excellent finisher that floods the board with three powerful deathrattle minions.

This deck also runs the Watch Post package (Far Watch Post, Mor’shan Watch Post and Kargal Battlescar) as Demon Hunters can gain extra value from these minions. Watch Posts are unable to attack, but Demon Hunter can use Trueaim Cresent to force them into damaging enemy minions.

If you can’t close out the game using your deathrattle minions, Illidari Inquisitor will usually do the trick. This eight mana 8/8 rush minion may be one of the best cards in the game as it can clear most minions and deal eight damage to face in the same turn. Taelan Fordring and Skull of Gul’dan both help to draw your copies of Illidari Inquisitor in case you need to deal with a particularly big minion.


One of the biggest changes made to Hearthstone in its entire history is the addition of a Core Set. This set replaces the Classic and Basic set of cards that have been in the game since it first launched. The Core Set consists of 235 cards from Hearthstone’s long history, as well as a few new additions to support the existing archetypes from that year.

Each year the Core Set will be switched out for new cards, giving Hearthstone a completely different feel in Standard play. The best part? The Core Set is completely free to all players, making it much easier to build a collection of cards for the first time.

Hearthstone may be free-to-play, but it is still a card game – a genre known for being expensive to get into. The primary way to acquire new cards is to simply play the game. Levelling any of the classes gives you cards from their classic set which is a positive. And winning three games in Play mode gives you ten gold which can be spent on card packs.

Whether that’s in Arena, Battlegrounds, or Ranked play, these modes will reward you with experience for the rewards track and gold. There are also weekly Tavern Brawls which rewards players with one classic pack.

Over the past few years, Blizzard has altered a number of systems to take some of the randomness out of acquiring Hearthstone cards. A big change to the game introduced duplicate protection, ensuring that players couldn’t receive more than two copies of the same card.

Prior to this feature, players could unpack several copies of rare, epic, and legendary cards, stopping them from unlocking cards they didn’t own. Hearthstone has a disenchant feature that allows you to trade in duplicate cards for arcane dust – this dust can be used to craft new cards.

If you haven’t played Hearthstone in a while, you might be confused by the new rewards track. In addition to the quest system, the rewards track grants players access to legendary cards, card packs, and even hero skins. You can pay money to unlock the premium track which grants many more rewards, though this only lasts for the duration of the current expansion.

Pay attention to the quests you get every day. If you don’t think you can complete the quest you can press a little redo button and it should give you a new option to try out instead. This also applies to weekly quests which tend to be much more difficult, but they are meant to be completed throughout the week.

Blizzard knows that it can get exhausting to try to earn the cards without spending some money, and over time it has made it a little easier to obtain the cards you want, and they’ll occasionally give you a card or two for free in between expansions. Keep an eye out for any promotions over the course of an expansion. Typically at the beginning and end, Blizzard will give out free legendary cards and packs to existing players.

These are the best Hearthstone beginner decks when starting out in the game. Eventually, you’ll be destroying enemies in no time, don’t worry! If you find Hearthstone isn’t your thing though, here are some of the other best card games on PC, or maybe you can learn how to play Hearthstone Battlegrounds instead.

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