The best Hearthstone decks for beginners

Struggling to find the best Hearthstone decks? Here are all the best decks for beginners

Hearthstone decks

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and welcome to the best Hearthstone decks for beginners. Trying out any new game for the first time can be confusing, especially when it asks you to make a deck from cards you don’t own yet. Give yourself a little time and practise, and you’ll be deckbuilding with the best of them.

Though it definitely helps to have a robust collection of cards, it’s not essential to own every legendary card in the game. Your opponent may have an expensive deck, but that doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to win. As long as you understand what cards your opponents could have and try to play around them as best you can, you should have no problem climbing the ranked ladder.

We’re going to show you some of the cheapest, easiest, and best beginner decks to master in Hearthstone. They’ll come from a range of classes and hopefully do the job you want them to do. Win. The current expansion is Fractured in Alterac Valley which launched on December 7. Blizzard usually releases a mini set consisting of 35 cards to drastically shake up the meta – the Alterac Valley mini set hasn’t launched just yet, but players should expect it before the end of February.

Best Hearthstone decks for beginners

The best Hearthstone decks for beginners are:

  • Fel Demon Hunter
  • Face Hunter
  • Freeze Shaman
  • Handlock Quest Warlock

Fel Demon Hunter

Deck Code: AAECAea5AwSN9wPQ+QOHiwSXoAQN2cYD3dMDx90Dyt0D8+MDkOQDlegDwvEDifcDjPcDmfkDg58Etp8EAA==
Dust Total: 5800

Fel Demon Hunter is our favourite option out of this batch of powerful decks because of how dominant it can be against the meta. This deck feels like it plays itself at times, as you always have removal options to clear any threats. Cards like Immolation Aura, Fel Barrage, and Felscream Blast may not look threatening, but they can be powered up using Bloodmage Thalnos and Talented Arcanist to remove emerging boards in the early game.

The trick to mastering this deck is to understand the best times to play your Fel cards. Deciding when to play Chaos Strike and Fury can be game defining – you may need to save these buffs to pair alongside Aldrachi Warblades to keep your health points topped up. It’s also important to keep track of which Fel cards you’ve played before you drop Jace Darkweaver on the board. If you played the majority of your Fel cards, Jace should clear your opponents board and leave you with up to 20+ damage.

There’s also an alternate win condition which relies on just three cards: Kurtrus, Demon-Render, Felfire Deadeye, and Expendable Performers. Once you play your Hero card, your hero power gives you two additional damage and it refreshes when you attack using a minion. Felfire Deadeye makes your hero power cost zero, pair this with Expendable Performers and you can build over 15+ damage and clear the enemy’s board at the same time.

Face Hunter

Deck Code: AAECAR8E4c4Dj+MD5e8D25EEDd6+A9zMA6LOA4LQA7nSA4biA9zqA/DsA/f4A8X7A8OABLugBOGkBAA=
Dust Total: 7480

It’s rare to find a time where Hunter’s first course of action doesn’t work. Of course, we’re talking about Face Hunter which aims to deal as much damage to our opponent’s face as fast as possible. This deck features a very low mana curve, giving us plenty of cheap cards to play immediately. Minions like Intrepid Initiate, Irondeep Trogg, and Wolpertinger are powerful threats that can snowball out of control thanks to the spells in this deck.

Keep your minions alive and buffed using Adorable Infestation, Doggie Biscuit, and Ramming Mount. You also have access to removal spells like Piercing Shot to ensure your minions remain a constant threat. On top of all this, you have strong minions like Trampling Rhino and Warsong Wrangler which can cause headaches for your rival depending on their board state.

Depending on the deck you’re playing against, you may need to rely on late game threats like Barak Kodobane and Beaststalker Tavish to keep yourself stocked up on cards. Games usually end by turn six with this deck, but Face Hunter can always surprise opponents with lucky top deck answers to quickly end the game.

This is the most optimal deck when it comes to climbing the ladder as games on average end before turn seven. Face Hunter is an easy deck to pilot for beginners and, with enough practice, could take you to legend rank.



Dust Total: 10920

The world laughed at the concept of Freeze Shaman years ago, but Thrall has returned with freeze spells worthy of a top tier deck. Stop your opponents from attacking you by freezing their minions in place with cards like Windchill. You can gain even more of these cards by playing Sleetbreaker, and you can create three Water Elemental-type minions for just four mana each turn with Wildpaw Cavern.

This deck has excellent card draw, giving you plenty of options to deal with your opponent’s board while building your own. The perfect example of this is Serpentshire Portal, and there are other spells like Frostbite and Devolving Missiles which can completely ruin your enemy’s game plan.

As you start to plan for the late game, card combos like Cheaty Snobold and Snowfall Guardian can help you instantly control the game. Your opponent needs to have multiple removal cards ready to take down your big threats, plus any clones you create using Brilliant Macaw. If you haven’t managed to draw your devastating combo, this deck also contains Bearon Gla’Shear and Bru’kan of the Elements which can turn the tide of battle as soon as they’re played.



Dust Total: 9360

The Demon Seed has established itself as one of the best quests Hearthstone has ever seen. Warlocks typically hurt themselves in exchange for powerful rewards – their hero power is the best example of this. You can take things further using cards like Backfire and Raise Dead to deplete your health points.

These spells fill your hand with plenty of cards, and you can play discounted minions like Flesh Giant, Goldshire Gnoll, and Anetheron for next to no mana. If these powerful minions manage to stick on the board for just one turn, drop Battleground Battlemaster to give your minions Windfury, allowing them to crush your opponent.

Once you complete the quest, you’re rewarded with Blightborn Tamsin who deals the damage you take on your turn to your opponent instead. This version of Handlock has multiple win conditions to beat any opponent, and you always have plenty of cards at your disposal to answer any difficult questions on the board.


One of the biggest changes made to Hearthstone in its entire history is the addition of a Core Set. This set replaces the Classic and Basic set of cards that have been in the game since it first launched. The Core Set consists of 235 cards from Hearthstone’s long history, as well as a few new additions to support the existing archetypes from that year.

Each year the Core Set will be switched out for new cards, giving Hearthstone a completely different feel in Standard play. The best part? The Core Set is completely free to all players, making it much easier to build a collection of cards for the first time.

Hearthstone may be free-to-play, but it is still a card game – a genre known for being expensive to get into. The primary way to acquire new cards is to simply play the game. Levelling any of the classes gives you cards from their classic set which is a positive. And winning three games in Play mode gives you ten gold which can be spent on card packs.

Whether that’s in Arena, Battlegrounds, or Ranked play, these modes will reward you with experience for the rewards track and gold. There are also weekly Tavern Brawls which rewards players with one classic pack.

Over the past few years, Blizzard has altered a number of systems to take some of the randomness out of acquiring Hearthstone cards. A big change to the game introduced duplicate protection, ensuring that players couldn’t receive more than two copies of the same card.

Prior to this feature, players could unpack several copies of rare, epic, and legendary cards, stopping them from unlocking cards they didn’t own. Hearthstone has a disenchant feature that allows you to trade in duplicate cards for arcane dust – this dust can be used to craft new cards.

If you haven’t played Hearthstone in a while, you might be confused by the new rewards track. In addition to the quest system, the rewards track grants players access to legendary cards, card packs, and even hero skins. You can pay money to unlock the premium track which grants many more rewards, though this only lasts for the duration of the current expansion.

Pay attention to the quests you get every day. If you don’t think you can complete the quest you can press a little redo button and it should give you a new option to try out instead. This also applies to weekly quests which tend to be much more difficult, but they are meant to be completed throughout the week.

Blizzard knows that it can get exhausting to try to earn the cards without spending some money, and over time it has made it a little easier to obtain the cards you want, and they’ll occasionally give you a card or two for free in between expansions. Keep an eye out for any promotions over the course of an expansion. Typically at the beginning and end, Blizzard will give out free legendary cards and packs to existing players.

In July 2021, the state of California filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard alleging years of workplace discrimination and harassment. The story has since embroiled CEO Bobby Kotick and prompted the US federal government to open an investigation. It continues to unfold and to be of immense importance to the game industry. You can catch up on all the developments so far in this regularly updated explainer article.

These are the best Hearthstone beginner decks when starting out in the game. Eventually, you’ll be destroying enemies in no time, don’t worry! If you find Hearthstone isn’t your thing though, here are some of the other best card games on PC, or maybe you can learn how to play Hearthstone Battlegrounds instead.