Blizzard shines the spotlight on Heroes of the Storm’s heavily armed Assassin, Tychus the Terran Marine

Heroes of the Storm hero spotlight: Tychus

It’s going to be very, very strange mowing down the likes of the archdemon Diablo or huge murlocs with a gargantuan minigun while snugly ensconced in bulky Terran Marine armour. But that’s the sort of ridiculous match-ups that Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm promises; a game where all the iconic characters from the studios huge franchises clash, regardless of how little it makes sense. It’s as exciting as it is silly.

Blizzard’s thrown up a spotlight for Tychus Findlay, one of Starcraft II’s Terran chaps. He’s a big ‘ol powerhouse, and in Heroes of the Storm he fills the role of the Assassin, the damage dealer. 

“Former soldier. Erstwhile thief. Convicted felon. Tychus Findlay and Jim Raynor share what some might call a checkered past—the type filled with daring exploits and courageous fights doing not so courageous deeds. While no one can be sure where Tychus’ loyalties lie, one thing is for certain. He’s a fearsome combatant whose impact on the battlefield is anything but subtle. Tychus always goes big. Always.”

Tychus’ abilities and traits speak to his role as a damage dealer. His basic abilities are Overkill, where he focuses his minigun attack on a single target, dealing extra damage; Frag Grenade, which has him launch a grenade that damages and knocks back enemies caught in its blast radius; and Run and Gun, which allows him to charge head first into battle with his gun spun up and primed to fire.

His passive is the minigun itself. A heavy hitting gun with an extremely fast rate of fire, its attack speed is unmatched by most other heroes. Balancing out all of this power is the time it takes to spin up to the point where it’s unloading bullet after bullet.

Tychus has two heroic abilities. The Drakken Laser Drill can be dropped onto the battlefield, and targets single foes with its devastating repurposed mining laser. The Commandeer Odin ability lets Tychus call in a huge mech. This metal death suit gives the marine increased defence and damage dealing capabilities, adding more armour along with cannons and missile launchers.

He sounds like quite the beast.