Blocky shooter Minimum leaves purgatory after being rescued by Atari

Minimum Early Access

Blocky, minimalistic shooter, Minimum has been pulled out of Section 8 developer TimeGate’s bankruptcy proceedings, with help from Atari who have handed it over to Human Head. 

TimeGate announced it just before the studio went bankrupt, and it looks like ex-Prey 2 developer Human Head has kept it pretty similar. Take a gander at the trailer below. 

Minimum pits five blocky combatants against five equally blocky warriors against each other in arenas, where the wee fellas can snatch up resources and craft armour and weapons as well as summon a giant titan – which proceeds to punch things.

Human Head’s an unusual choice to take over development. The studio was dropped by Bethesda when its work on Prey 2 was not up to snuff, and since then it’s done external work on games like the mediocre Arkham Origins.

Minimum will launch on Steam, through Early Access, this spring.

Cheers, CVG.