Watch a game of Blood Bowl 2 being played, see some Orks get smashed

Blood Bowl 2 cyanide focus home interactive

Blood Bowl 2 is a hyper-violent fantasy take on American Football, a turn-based sports game in which players can be mauled and beaten and splatted with magic and fists.

Here’s Julian’s preview, which is a resoundingly positive reaction to Cyanide’s much-anticipated sequel. But if you’re rather treat your eyeballs more directly, Cyanide has just released a short video showing the course of an abridged match, as she is played.

The video shows humans facing off against orks in the bloodiest bowl that has yet been bowled. A handful of different skills can be spied, with dice rolls and touchdowns and throws and catches and stats all playing out in turn.

You can find out more on the Blood Bowl 2 website.