Humbe Games’ Moonscars is looking a lot like 2D Bloodborne for PC

Moonscars, the dark fantasy action game from Humble, is giving is major Bloodborne on PC vibes, with its brutal combat, cycle of death, and grim world

Moonscars is Bloodborne: A hunter sits on a throne wearing a mask

Moonscars, an upcoming 2D action game from Humble Games, is looking like the closest we’ll get to Bloodborne for PC for a while yet. Humble and developer Black Mermaid released a Moonscars release date trailer following the game’s original announcement in March 2022, featuring an extended look at protagonist Grey Irma and the dark, brutal journey that awaits as she seeks to uncover the mysterious circumstances surrounding her birth and life.

“Explore the shadows and secrets concealed in the moonlight of a painterly nonlinear 2D realm marred by desperation and despair,” Black Mermaid says in the game description.

Non-linear aside, desperation and despair sounds exactly like something you’d get out of FromSoftware. Check it out in the trailer below.

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Grey Irma wields a massive claymore to start with, but can swap to other special weapons, including bones and Ichor, and powerful Witchery magic to augment her combat capabilities. She needs all the help they can get, but even the best-laid plans will inevitably result in death. That’s by design. Black Mermaid says the goal is finding triumph through failure, and from the looks of the trailer, it seems like failure is probably going to be a pretty common thing.

Grey faces a wealth of shadowy foes, from giants with shields to creeping foes that leap from their hiding places on the ground and ensare Grey as they pass, and even pulsing, blood-filled plants blocking Grey’s path.

Lucky for her, there’s a wealth of new abilities up for grabs in the cycle of death and rebirth, including magic and combat skills.

Moonscars launches Sepember 27 on the Humble Store and Steam. If you’re after something similar and don’t want to wait until September to get your action fill, check out some of the best fantasy games on PC now. And if you’re after something free, we’ve rounded up plenty of the best free games on PC too.