Bloodlines and ziplines: Titanfall leaks tell of turrets, Generations mode bonuses and more

Ziplines did not feature in the Titanfall beta last month. Wish they had.

Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

“We can rebuild him… we have the technology.”

That’s the fictional conceit behind Titanfall’s leaked Generations mode. Years of jumping off roofs and punting yourself 30 feet into the air from exploding robots have taken their toll on your legs. But you can be regenerated – at a small permanent cost to your experience and any memories of a time before space wars.

Mechanically speaking, that means losing all of your character levels, unlocked perks and challenge progress – but we haven’t known what the trade-off is until now.

Generation 2 players will be reset to level 1, it turns out, but gain XP at a permanently raised rate of 110%. They’ll retain their burn card collection, which grants a selection of in-match powers like faster movement speed, and gain a unique chip denoting their Gen 2 status to their peers.

Regeneration is about two things, then: continuing to have bars to fill long after you’ve unlocked everything in the game, and showing off a status symbol to other players.

In the same Titanfall subreddit thread, a poster with a “reliable source” described ziplines – which weren’t present in either of the maps featured in Titanfall’s PC beta. Ziplines reportedly travel both ways, up and down, in flagrant defiance of gravity.

They’re said to be particularly helpful in Capture the Flag matches, as you might imagine, and for vacating areas in a hurry. They’ll complement the pedestrian pilots’ freedom of movement too: players can latch anywhere onto the midpoint of a line – for instance, when jumping from the roof of a nearby building.

Turrets, meanwhile, are designed for “killing everything – including Titans”. They operate autonomously, and typically require the efforts of multiple Titans in tandem to bring them down from their urban hiding spots. However, they can often be ‘flipped’ to fight for their enemies via a nearby console, compromised by a pilot with a standard issue data knife.

Titanfall’s getting a staggered release across next week, and our first impressionswere strong. Are yours?

Ta, CVG.