Bloodsports.TV’s gameplay trailer has buckets of blood, but a lot less sport

Bloodsports.TV gameplay trailer

Fatshark’s Bloodsports.TV is worlds away from War of the Roses and War of the Viking, the studio’s last two games. With the hordes of charging enemies, co-op gladiator action and the thick, comic book lines, it’s more evocative of Borderlands and arcade and console classic, Smash TV. 

It’s due out on Steam next week, but you can take a gander at the post-apocalyptic gladiatorial combat in a new gameplay trailer right now. 

Bloodsports.TV is set in the same universe as Fat Shark’s ARPG, Krater, and co-op competitors will need to slaghter their way through waves of angry psychopaths on the way to becoming an elite, murderous crew.

Expect drop-in and out co-op multiplayer, eight gladiators to choose from, six arenas and the ability to melt enemies, rendering them completely harmless. And dead.

It arrives on Steam on March 30th.