All Blue Protocol classes explained

With six Blue Protocol classes announced and revealed, you can play the MMORPG how you want, from a deadly melee fighter to a fantastical magic user.

Blue Protocol classes: The Twin Striker wields two blades to attack an enemy

Which are the best Blue Protocol classes? We know there will be six to choose from on the game’s release date, and, in a useful twist from many existing MMOs, you can change class at any time. So technically, it doesn’t matter which you choose, and you’ll get the chance to try them all out, but it’s still worth getting to know what’s what before you set foot in Regnas.

Revealed during The Game Awards, Blue Protocol is looking to make its mark as one of the best MMOs around, bringing a JRPG twist to the genre at a time when the likes of Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy continue to rise in popularity. Making a refreshing change from the likes of WoW and other MMOs, Blue Protocol brings aspects from the best anime games to the popular multiplayer genre. We know that one of the most important aspects of your MMORPG character is your class, so here’s everything you need to know about the six Blue Protocol classes.

Blue Protocol classes explained

The six Blue Protocol classes are:

  • Blade Warden
  • Aegis Fighter
  • Twin Striker
  • Blast Archer
  • Spellcaster
  • Blitz Lancer

Blue Protocol classes: An aegis fighter strikes the ground with his sword

Blade Warden

If melee is your go-to fighting style, then you might consider the Blade Warden, a sword-wielding hero whose shield skills also make them excellent in a defensive role.

Blue Protocol classes: a twin striker attacks a foe with two axes

Twin Striker

Twin Striker is another close-range class, alongside Aegis Fighter, but is more offensive, brandishing two massive axes. By successfully performing attack combos, the Twin Striker’s damage will be boosted, so this is a great class for accurate and fierce attackers.

Blue Protocol classes: A blast archer shoots a projectile from their bow

Keen Strider

As an archer, this class is best at mid to long-range, so if you prefer to support your team while remaining slightly out of harm’s way, then the Keen Strider might be for you.

Blue Protocol classes: A spellcaster forms a magical shield in the distance

Spell Weaver

Despite separating itself from your typical fantasy MMO, magic users will be pleased to hear that Blue Protocol still features a mage class. The Spell Weaver is just what you’d expect: a long-range class able to defeat foes and defend and heal teammates from a safe distance. Bear in mind, though, that this is one of the hardest classes to play, so perhaps a class you could change to later on if you aren’t familiar with magic-wielding characters.

Blue Protocol: A silver-haired heavy smasher hits the ground with their large hammer

Foe Breaker

Blue Protocol’s answer to a Barbarian, the Foe Breaker is a close-quarters tank, though its heavyweight hammer is certainly large enough to be used at range. If you like to be the first into battle, defending your team from the front, then the Foe Breaker might be the first Blue Protocol class you try.

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Blitz Lancer

The Blitz Lancer is Blue Protocol’s spear-based fighting class, able to use quick and stylish moves with a little bit more reach than most weapons. Users of this class can leap into the air for devastating, electrically charged blows.

That’s everything we know about the six classes that will be available in the JRPG game when the Blue Protocol release date hits. While you wait, there’s no harm in finding out what Amazon Games has to say about how Blue Protocol differs from Genshin Impact and other popular gacha games.