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Super realistic FPS bodycam game goes live, and you can play right now

Brutal, realistic, and fizzing with style, a new bodycam game hits Steam Early Access, serving as a rival to hardcore shooters like Tarkov.

New bodycam game Steam launch: Two soldiers advancing in realistic FPS game Bodycam

Realism is a difficult thing to achieve in videogames. In some cases, it means painstaking resource and status-effect management, with survival hits like Sons of the Forest impressing on you the ‘real’ requirements of remaining alive. Other times, the effect is more in the aesthetic – especially in shooters, when I think of realism, I think of loud guns, frantic, disorientating action, and swift death. Out now via Steam Early Access, a new bodycam game, aptly named Bodycam, fits that latter characterization squarely. A would-be rival to hardcore FPS games like Tarkov and Gray Zone Warfare, it’s already one of the most wishlisted new releases on Steam, and you can play it today.

Bodycam is a tense, high-stakes, multiplayer FPS game shot from the perspective of the eponymous wearable cameras. Every step causes your perspective to bounce and blur. Lights are overexposed, weapon sounds threaten to blow out the built-in mic, and you constantly feel unsettled and unbalanced.

It’s a frightening, affecting experience, reminiscent of one of the most underrated games of all time, Kane and Lynch 2. Built using Unreal Engine 5, Bodycam pits two teams against one another in a supremely precarious deathmatch. Failing to check around a corner or opening a door without knowing what’s on the other side can – and often will – result in instant death.

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Currently 13th on the Steam wishlist chart, the early-access Bodycam release date arrives today, Friday June 7. Developer Reissad Studio has already created a roadmap for the rest of 2024, promising new weapons, maps, skins, and even a zombies mode throughout the rest of the year.

Stark and stylish, if the realism in other tactical shooters like Gray Zone Warfare, Escape From Tarkov, and Arena Breakout Infinite isn’t enough to satisfy your urge for super-tense gunfights, you can get Bodycam for yourself right here.

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