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Forgotten, Far Cry-style FPS game resurfaces on Steam after 18 years

Far Cry and Fallout spring to mind when you think of sandbox shooters, but there’s another forgotten FPS, back on Steam after 18 years.

Boiling Point Road to Hell Steam: A hero from Far Cry-style FPS game Boiling Point Road to Hell

Far Cry 6, Fallout 4, Rust. When you think of open-world, sandbox shooters, these are the names that immediately come to mind. Originally launched in 2004, Ubisoft’s free roaming FPS set the model for choice-based, open-ended run-and-gunners that mix vehicle and conventional combat. Crysis took the genre further; Just Cause added some anarchy and physics-driven chaos. But in the storied ancestry of sandbox FPS games, there’s one name that, until now, has been reduced to a mere footnote. Spectacular, surreal, and often so bad that it’s actually good, this forgotten page from gaming history is finally back on Steam after almost two decades.

Boiling Point Road to Hell is like Far Cry except with a little less technical polish and a lot more gall. An FPS game from a bygone era, it casts you as the deliciously named Saul Myers, who arrives in the fictional South American nation of Realia on a mission to rescue his kidnapped daughter. “Saul Myers,” the trailer promises, “is going to hit…Boiling Point.” If you weren’t around to play this back in 2005, then you’re in luck, as it’s just returned to Steam and available right now.

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Explore Realia at your own pace. Steal trucks, planes, boats, and choppers. The central gimmick in Boiling Point Road to Hell is that no-one, at the beginning of the game at least, is automatically your enemy. The entire world is driven by a reputation system, so if you do jobs for one faction, their rivals will start to treat you as hostile, and vice versa. Manage your missions efficiently, and you can keep everyone sweet while raking in the money and the new weapons.

The Realian Valley is also home to a number of vicious, predatory animals – in an alternate universe, Ubisoft lost the sandbox shooter war, and we’re all busy playing Boiling Point 6 starring Giancarlo Esposito. If you want to take a trip into gaming history, and try this wonderfully out-there shooter for yourself, you can get Boiling Point Road to Hell right now.

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