Bombshell delayed: Interceptor’s action RPG will now make its crater after Christmas


I’m not sure anybody mourned the in-development Duke Nukem action RPG swallowed up by a Gearbox/3D Realms lawsuit last year. But the game that emerged afterward was arguably more interesting, by dint of its new protagonist: one Shelly ‘Bombshell’ Harrison, she of determined facially expression and marginally less cringey one-liners. It’ll have to wait, though: s’a bit buggy.

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Rise of the Triad’s Interceptor Entertainment have spent the last several weeks “exhaustively” testing Bombshell, but have decided they’ll need longer still to blast away the last of its bugs.

“Our first instinct was to just get this puppy out-the-door, and that we could fix the remaining issues with a quick patch after launch,” they wrote over the weekend. “But within ten seconds we realized that’s no way to treat paying fans of our games.”

Originally intended for this month, Bombshell will now land on January 29th. Expect it on Steam and GOG. Are you in the market for a game with the spirit of Duke and the mechanics of Dungeon Siege?