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This Diablo like is a free game, but you’ve only got 24 hours

You've now got just 24 hours to claim the Diablo like dungeon crawler Book of Demons as a free game, so you'll need to act really fast.

Book of Demons free game: a paper demon or dragon

As of writing this, you’ve got around 24 hours left to claim Book of Demons as a free game over on GOG. A hack-and-slash dungeon crawler in the vein of Diablo, Path of Exile, and Last Epoch, Book of Demons also adds some light card deck elements to its paper-inspired visuals, while a unique system lets you set the size of your quests as well.

So if you see this in time, and are immediately drawn in by the idea of a Diablo-like that wants to truly respect your time with a unique art style, Book of Demons is absolutely for you, especially considering it’s a free game right now.

The single-player RPG uses cards to represent all of your items, spells, and skills, but isn’t exactly a deck builder at its core. Cards of different rarities dictate their effectiveness, and you can upgrade them with runes. So it feels a little like how Marvel’s Midnight Suns used the card visual in its turn-based combat.

You can also set the length of all your quests with flexiscope, which lets you divide the game into sessions of any size, with the game then going as far as to predict how long the next mission will take based on your preferences and pace.

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It’ll only take you around ten hours with Book of Demons before you beat the game, but a roguelike mode with permadeath, restricted healing, and more changes could have you coming back for quite some time.

You’ll find Book of Demons available right here, where you have until Monday, March 25 at 7am PST / 10am EST / 2pm GMT and 1am AEDT on March 26 to claim Book of Demons for free. The deal does also say it’s ongoing until April 4, so it’s unclear if the game will be on sale once the free offer expires.

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