Borderlands 2 most popular game on Steam this weekend


Borderlands 2 has overtaken Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 as Steam’s most popular game, comfortably ahead of both Valve’s offerings by about 17,000 users. At present, Borderlands 2 can boast around 77,000 concurrent players.

What’s that, Modern Warfare 3? You’re having a free-weekend? Borderlands 2 don’t care. It’s got a nearly 50,000 player advantage, and all those phat lootz.

Also of note, Civilization V has crept into fourth place with about 26,000 users thanks to strong preorders for XCOM making theirstretch goals and unlocking free copies of the game for all Steam users who preordered. Way to go, strategy games. Make those shooters tremble.