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When is Borderlands 3 coming to Steam?

Borderlands 3 is on the Epic Game store as part of a time exclusivity deal, so will we see the game on Valve’s store?

Borderlands 3 Steam

While the announcement that Borderlands 3 is an Epic Game store exclusive caused a furore in the PC gaming community, an eventual Steam release isn’t out of the question. It’s been confirmed that Borderlands 3 is only a timed Epic Game store exclusive, which will last for six months, after which it’s feasible that the FPS will arrive on other PC platforms.

But is Borderlands 3 coming to Steam? There’s no way of knowing for sure at this point, however, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has stated that it’s up to publisher 2K Games which stores Borderlands 3 launches on, and it’s hard to see the publishing giant foregoing Valve’s platform. Previous 2K games, and indeed Borderlands games, have sold phenomenally well on Steam, and many players would like to unify their Borderlands games on one platform.

So while it looks like the only way to play Borderlands 3 on PC when the September 13 release date rolls around will be on the Epic Games store, there should be a few more options come April 2020. Here’s everything we know about the Borderlands 3 Steam release.

Is Borderlands 3 coming to Steam?

There’s no official confirmation, but a press release has stated Borderlands 3 will be available to purchase from other digital distribution platforms after the exclusivity period. That means the most likely Borderlands 3 Steam release date is April 13, 2020, six months after the game releases via Epic’s storefront.

The press release doesn’t explicitly list Steam, so nothing is certain at this point, but as the biggest PC platform it’s highly unlikely that 2K Games won’t release Borderlands 3 on Steam.

This is by no means the first Epic Games store exclusivity deal, with Metro Exodus and The Division 2 foregoing Steam to release on Epic’s platform. However, in the case of The Division 2, players still had the option of purchasing and playing the game through Ubisoft’s Uplay platform, while it seems like the Epic Games store will be the only option for PC players until April 2020.

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