Borderlands 3 review scores – our round-up of the critics

We're heading back to Pandora very soon, so it's time for our Borderlands 3 review round-up

Borderlands 3

It might not launch until the end of this week, but for a select group of outlets, the Borderlands 3 review embargo has just dropped. So before we head to Pandora (and beyond) once again, it’s time for a round-up of what the critics thought.

PCGamesN wasn’t provided code in time for the embargo, but I’m very much looking forward to release. In my Borderlands 3 preview back in May, I said that “Borderlands 3 pulls off a rare feat. It’s a game that calls back to its roots so successfully that I feel like I’ve never been away. But despite letting me bathe in that warm nostalgia, Gearbox hasn’t let Borderlands fall behind the Divisions and Destinys that have shaped the looter-shooter in its absence. Borderlands 3 feel bigger, better, and more badass than its predecessors in almost every way.”

My early enthusiasm appears to have been matched. At time of writing, Borderlands 3 boasts an average review score of 84 Opencritic and 91 over on Metacritic.

Without further ado, let’s check out those Borderlands 3 review scores:

It’s an impressive set of scores (with one notable exception), and I’m excited to see whether my own experiences hold up when I get my hands on the game later this week.