Strap on your moon boots for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’s butt-stomping E3 walkthrough

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel E3 walkthrough

Borderlands’ moon-based spin-off, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has butt-stomping, giant leaps and suffocation and you can now see the E3 walkthrough that’s filled with such shenanigans. 

Joel Eschler from 2K Australia and James Lopez from Gearbox show off the demo, featuring pre-robot Wilhelm and lots of bullets. Take a gander below.

Footage of the game continues to pique my interest. Mentions of verticality and physical changes to characters as they level up make my legs go all wobbly.

The low gravity of Borderlands’ moon has allowed the devs to build areas that take advantage of this, with more paths opening up thanks to the ability to leap like the Hulk and fall to the ground without taking damage.

And Wilhelm, who was a loader robot in Borderlands 2, sheds his humanity as he gets more and more robotic body parts as he levels up. Given the first-person perspective, the impact isn’t huge, but these touches tie it to the second game while offering a sense of progress.

Shootouts in the last two Borderlands, while fun and explosive, didn’t exactly provide much room for tactical thinking, but the new elements of oxygen and gravity have the potential to make battles require a little more quick thinking and awareness. I can get behind this.