‘Plunder the dunj’ with Boyfriend Dungeon, a dungeon crawler crossed with a dating sim

Boyfriend Dungeon

When I first heard about Hatoful Boyfriend, a dating game in which you attempt to woo a variety of birds, I thought the novelty dating genre would never go much further. But with the announcement of Boyfriend Dungeon, I’ve realised I was very wrong.

Here’s our list of the best sex games on PC, but sadly, there’s not a sword in sight.

Scheduled for 2019, Boyfriend Dungeon is a dungeon-crawler crossed with a dating sim, in which the objects of your desire are the weapons you use to dispatch the dungeon’s monsters. If you thought I was kidding, the trailer, which you can watch above, literally instructs you to date your weapons.

The first weapon you see in the trailer is AJ, a bright red decorative talwar, a type of curved sword from South-East Asia. AJ comes complete with flowing locks, rippling abs, and spiked shoulder pads, to match the hilt of the sword that he somehow embodies.

Between fighting of waves of monsters within the game’s dungeons, you’ll have to win over your weapons in order to level them up by taking them on dates. After that, you can “equip your love” and head back to the depths. As well as AJ the talwar, you can attempt to seduce Valeria the dagger, Isaac the épeé, and a host of other characters, at least one of whom seems to be a cat.