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Brighten up your day with the Child of Light launch trailer

Child of Light launch trailer

Ubisoft’s gorgeous fairy tale RPG Child of Light launched today. You can pick it up on Uplay and Steam for £11.99/$14.99 right blooming now. 

To celebrate its arrival into our reality from its fairy tale realm, Ubisoft’s put up a spiffy new trailer, so why don’t you take a load off and watch it, below? 

We sent Steve into this fantasy land earlier this month, and he walked away with lots of good things to say: “For a game in which you collect scraps of poetry floating on the breeze, Child of Light is unexpectedly challenging. It’s also incredibly charming and so outrageously twee that you can’t help but be absorbed by its surprisingly diverse world of desertscapes, haunted jungles and subterranean cave systems.”

Cheers, CVG.