Get Even installs files in Bulletstorm’s folders for no reason, breaking it


Update August 10, 2017: Bandai Namco have responded to our request for comment.

Get Even publishers Bandai Namco told us “this issue is fixed in an upcoming patch, which will be released soon.” 

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They didn’t go into detail about why the issue had been caused in the first place – it seems a fairly rookie mistake to make – but at least it’s on their radar.

Original story August 10, 2017:One day, a games writer and indie developer named GB Burford wanted to launch Bulletstorm. The game said no. After what sounds like a pretty frustrating period of tinkering and some help from Twitter, he found the problem: Get Even, The Farm 51’s psychological thriller, was saving its config files in Bulletstorm’s folder.

Yes, it confused us too, but the PC Gaming Wiki seems to confirm it: by default, Get Even saves its config files in a folder marked ‘Bulletstorm’, which it will presumably create if it doesn’t already exist. If it does, it’ll stop Bulletstorm from launching.

You can solve the problem by editing the DefaultEngine.ini file in Get Even’s config directory – search for the line ‘SubDirName=Bulletstorm’ and change ‘Bulletstorm’ to ‘GetEven’ or something equally sensible. This will force the game to save its files in a properly named folder.

But, yeah. Weird. It’s worth noting that two of The Farm 51’s founders,Wojciech Pazdur and Kamil Bilczyński, worked at Bulletstorm developers People Can Fly, but they left before the studio started work on it. Also, you’d think they’d… y’know, name stuff like this for the game they’re making.

We’ve reached out to The Farm 51 and publishers Bandai Namco to see if they can clear this up. In the meantime, props to Ambient Malice on Twitter, who figured it out for Burford:

You can follow Burford’s tale of woe through his post on NeoGAF. Also, here’s the Kotaku article he needed to play Bulletstorm to write, in which he discusses the best videogame handguns and how to make them. It’s a fun read.