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Bulletstorm returns to Steam; still shackled to GFWL


After a long hiatus, the Epic Games shoot ‘em up Bulletstorm has reappeared on Steam out of the blue with a few interesting caveats. It appears that the game doesn’t include any of the post launch patches, and the game is still tied to Games for Windows Live, which is due to be shutdown on July 1st.

The game went quietly missing from Steam a few years ago, presumably gone from the store forever. This was until it – again quite silently – reappeared on the Steam store like nothing had ever happened. As a three year old game, it’s still priced at a relatively high £14.99.

Disappointingly it is also still paired with the soon to be dead Games for Windows Live. Many games have been moving over to other online platforms to prevent them from becoming unplayable. Whether something similar will happen with Bulletstorm remains to be seen, but we’ll find out on July 1st.