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Burstfire is a tactical shooter from ex-Hawken developers


Hawken was one of those games that I couldn’t get out of my mind for the longest time. It was absolutely gorgeous, which helped keep my mind on it (I’m a magpie), but it was really the feel of Adhesive’s multiplayer mech game that kept me going back for more. It was fast, the mechs were graceful, and yet they never felt fragile; it always felt like you were piloting massive, powerful machines. 

I say all this in the past tense, because the last time I tried to play a game of Hawken, I couldn’t find anyone. And since then, Adhesive has been replaced by Reloaded game, and that itch to play vanished. However, a bunch of ex-Adhesive developers have banded together to create a new multiplayer shooter, Burstfire. No mechs this time, lamentably. Just men and guns. 

Here’s how the folks at Free Reign Entertainment and Nacho Games describe Burstfire: “Burstfire is a slow paced first-person shooter that enables team-oriented gameplay. Players have the freedom to equip their weapons and tools of choice. This allows teams to create many interesting and unique strategies. The defending team may alter the flow of the game space by setting up their defenses with barricades and various trapping tools. The attacking team is able to scout the enemy defenses using recon vehicles to plan their assault.”

It’s a rather dull description of what sounds (and looks) a bit like Rainbow Six Siege, though one major difference is that it’s completely classless, and you build your armoured SWAT-type man from a pool of gear and customisation options.

Burstfire won’t be free-to-play, either. You pay once, and it’s yours, with no DLC and free updates.

You can sign up for Early Access here, but I think I’m just going to wait until they make another mech game.

Cheers, RPS.