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Buy this today: 50% off Razer Deathadder Elite gaming mouse

The Deathadder is possibly the most well-known and renowned gaming mouse, and the Elite version at this price is a steal!

The Deathadder. A name that conjures images of a viper in the brush, waiting to pounce and inject venom into its prey. Razer’s Deathadder was designed to conjure such an image, and make you as deadly as a viper in whichever virtual battlefield you enter. Beyond all the snake imagery, the name ‘Deathadder’ in a gaming context also conjures images of reliability, ergonomics, and precision.

The Deathadder mouse has been around for what seems like forever, and has seen many iterations and improvements over the years. It’s a name that’s known for simple, sleek design and pinpoint accurate tracking. The Deathadder was the first proper gaming mouse that I owned, and it carried me through many a CS:GO rank, so it will always have a special place in my heart. And now, the Razer Deathadder Elite is 50% off on Amazon for US buyers. If you want to buy a new gaming mouse, there’s no better time than now.

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What is it?

Long considered by some to be the best gaming mouse around, Razer’s Deathadder is a mouse that knows what it’s about. It’s about comfort, easy movement, and accuracy. Oh yeah, and a great matte black aesthetic to match. Its 16,000 DPI, high-quality optical sensor means you won’t be missing those headshots, and its ergonomic design means your hand will feel at ease over many hours of gaming. All in all, it’s a great all-round mouse that has had years and years to perfect its design.

Why should you buy it?

The Deathadder is perfect for those of you wanting nothing more than a great mouse experience. What I mean by this, is this mouse probably isn’t for you if you want a million crazy RGB lighting options or 73 programmable buttons – but if you want a mouse that’s great at tracking, feels comfortable to use, looks good, and is built with a certain air of quality and refinement, then look no further than Razer’s Deathadder.

My only gripe about the original Deathadder, when I used it, was that the material would become glossy too quickly through use, but this Elite model has a matte black finish, so even that small gripe is gone. Throw in the 50% discount, and you can’t go wrong with this mouse.

What options do you have?

This US deal only applies to the Razer Deathadder Elite, but there’s also 40% off the Razer Deathadder Essential, which can be selected on the same store page. But for only $5 more, the Elite model – which has much higher DPI, more programmable buttons, a braided cable, and Razer Chroma lighting – is a much better option than the Essential.