Call of Duty: Ghosts to swallow giant spiders in Onslaught DLC

Call of Duty: Ghosts adds spiders to the mix.

Just as the old lady swallowed a spider in an effort to catch a fly, Infinity Ward plan to send hulking arachnids after Call of Duty’s flying PC playerbase.

Ginormous spiders have been considered an effective antidote to creative bankruptcy since the release of Will Smith’s Wild Wild West. Here, they’ll occupy a new Extinction map named Nightfall – one of five included in Ghosts’ first DLC pack to date.

Fog, Containment, Bayview, Ignition and Nightfall were all listed on a piece of cardboard spotted in Gamestop – as often the vehicle of CoD news as Activision themselves. If Onslaught follows the pattern of previous series DLC, the four non-Extinction maps will expand on the competitive multiplayer pool, rather than Zombies mode.

Onslaught also offers two new weapons to counter its spindly new threat: the Maverick AR and sniper rifle.

Infinity Ward plan to release four Ghosts map packs in total, available individually or as part of a season pass. A release date has been announced – January 28 – but that’s Xbox-specific. We can expect to see it on PC about a month later.

Can eight-legged freaks save Call of Duty: Ghosts from apparent dwindling multiplayer interest on PC, do you reckon?

Thanks to Charlie Intel and SeriousSix.