See how the Modern Warfare remaster stacks up to the original on PC at max settings

Modern Warfare

We’ve had so many remasters over the past couple of years, but not many of them have massively exceeded the quality of the original PC version when it’s maxed out. The Modern Warfare remaster blows the original out of the water, however. It’s not a massive surprise – it is almost ten years old, after all – but it is refreshing. 

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In a Digital Foundry comparison video, they compare the original PC version of the Crew Expendable mission from Modern Warfare with the remastered gameplay footage released yesterday. The difference is night and day.

Straight off the bat you can see massive improvements in the lighting, there’s camera depth-of-field in the cutcscenes, and there’s lens flare, bloom, heatwave and volumetric smoke effects that all add to the overall atmosphere.

The remaster even goes as far as reworking the motion capture on NPCs, with facial animations greatly improved. Basically, it looks like it’s doing everything a remaster should do.

See it for yourself in the video below: