Dark Ops challenges: all Black Ops 4 secret Calling Cards found so far

There are 37 secret Calling Cards to collect in Black Ops 4, here are the Dark Ops challenges you need to complete to get them

dark ops challenges black ops 4

What’s harder than completing a challenge? Completing a challenge without knowing what the challenge even is. Therein lies the genius of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Dark Ops challenges, which can be discovered and completed across Blackout, Zombies, and Multiplayer. You’ll earn lots of rare Calling Cards for your troubles, which you can show off to other players and smugly withhold how you actually attained it.

You can expect to stumble upon some of these Dark Ops challenges as you explore each of the three game modes in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. However, if you are looking for the rarest calling cards in the game then we have the guide for you, running down all the currently known Dark Ops challenges for Blackout, Zombies, and Multiplayer.

We will continue to update this Dark Ops challenges guide as the Call of Duty community discovers more of these calling cards, so keep checking back for more secret rewards and how you can unlock each one of the 37 Dark Ops challenges.

blackout dark ops challenges

Blackout Dark Ops challenges

There are a total on nine Blackout Dark Ops challenges to complete while playing the battle royale mode, and for the most part they’re pretty easy to finish. These are all tied to key areas of the map rather than achievements like racking up lots of kills in a game. Here are all the Dark Ops challenges for Blackout:

  • Back in the Ground
    Kill 100 Zombies. You’ll get this organically after dropping in Zombies areas a few times, but if you’re in a rush make sure to always drop at Asylum, kill the zombies there, and then head over to the nearby graveyard for even more undead.
  • Baller
    Head to the Estates area of the map and you will be able to find a few basketballs and hoops around the various buildings there. Simply pick up one of the balls and score a shot in any of the hoops to get this calling card.
  • Fist Fighter
    Kill an enemy using only your fists. Your best chance at completing this challenge is to throw caution to the wind at the very start of a round and pick a fight with whoever drop near you. You can also hop out at the very end of the flight path and hope to find some AFK players.
  • Open the Blast Doors
    Head to the middle of the Fracking Tower location and look for a raised platform in-between two towers. On this platform you’ll find a switch that opens a secret area full of loot.
  • Practice Makes Perfect
    Head to the north-west corner of the Firing Range once you’ve managed to find an assault rifle or sniper and you will see an array of distant targets. Simply take some shots at the most distant targets until you connect – bullet drop should be easy to overcome at this range.
  • Red Light, Green Light
    There are three red buoys dotted around the ship in Cargo Docks that have a chance of spawning a loot crate. Search below each buoy at the start of a match to find where the crate is, then swim down and be the first to open the gear in order to complete to the challenge.
  • Zombie Jams
    South of the Array area you’ll find the diner from the TranZit Black Ops 2 Zombies map. Head inside and interact with the jukebox to play a song that unlocks this Dark Ops calling card – watch out for undead of course.
  • Respect Your Elders
    Go to the monument in the south-east corner of Rivertown. Press F while standing on the slab closest to the Tanbor Fudgley monument and your character will automatically bow, which unlocks this calling card.
  • Stay Tuned
    To complete this one you’ll need to drop at Array, head into the central satellite tower via one of the first floor windows. Once inside you need to look for a console with a green light that is located in a room to the northeast and interact with it. This will cause a nuclear countdown sequence that confirms you’ve unlocked a new Blackout Calling Card.

That’s all nine Blackout Dark Ops challenges you can unlock. You should have no problem zooming through these, but the Zombies and Multiplayer challenges are a lot tougher.

dark ops challenges multiplayer

Multiplayer Dark Ops challenges

The Multiplayer Dark Ops challenges are a lot more difficult to complete than the Blackout variants, with many of them involving killstreaks and eliminations in very specific, non-replicable circumstances. There are 15 Multiplayer Dark Ops challenges in total, here are the 11 that have been discovered by the community.

  • Brutal Killer
    Get 25 kills without dying, earning a Brutal medal.
  • Chain Killer
    Kill more than 7 players in a short amount of time, earning a Chain Kill medal.
  • Fire with Fire
    Kill an enemy Firebreak that is using the Purifier with a Molotov.
  • Frenzy Killer
    Get 5 quick kills, earning a Frenzy Kill medal.
  • From the Depths
    Get 25 kills against enemies that are on land when by shooting at them from underwater.
  • Get Outta Here
    Kill an enemy Ruin that has activated Grav Slam while they are still in the after using the Grapple Gun.
  • Mega Killer
    Get 6 kills in a short amount of time, earning a Mega Kill medal.
  • Nuclear Killer
    Earn a Nuclear medal, which involves getting 30 kills without dying.
  • Nuked out
    Earn a Nuclear medal in Free For All without using scorestreaks rewards.
  • Obtained
    Unlock Dark Matter camo by earning diamond on all weapons in the game.
  • Shrug it Off
    Survive a direct hit from an enemy RC-XD and then go on to kill the enemy who was driving it without dying.
  • Relentless
    Get 10 Relentless Medals, which means killing 20 enemies without dying 10 different times.
  • Ultra Killer
    Get 7 kills in a short amount of time.
  • Gemmed Out
    Unlock the maximum version of the Dark Matter weapon skin by getting 30 kills without dying while this skin is equipped.

There is one more Multiplayer Dark Ops challenge waiting to be found – hopefully it’s easier than the currently known ones.

dark ops challenges zombies

Zombies Dark Ops challenges

Only a few of the 13 Zombies Dark Ops challenges has been discovered, which suggests players will be hunting these down for weeks to come.

  • Sands of Time
    Complete the main quest on IX in under 100 Minutes.
  • Dodgy Devil
    Get to round 20 on classic Zombies without getting hit once.
  • Perk Maestro
    Activate every perk modifier
  • Put to the Quest
    Complete the main easter eggs for all three Black Ops 4 Zombies launch maps.
  • Sea Legs
    Complete the main easter egg on Voyage of Despair without being downed once.

That’s every Dark Ops challenge discovered in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 so far. Good hunting!