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Call of Deus Ex: watch the new Black Ops 3 teaser

Call of Duty: Black Ops III new teaser

Call of Duty is jumping back into the Black Ops universe after its stint in evil Kevin Spacey world. Treyarch’s been developing Black Ops III for three years, but the studio isn’t quite ready to spill all the beans yet. A new teaser trailer gives us a taste of the near future setting, however, which you can slap your eyes on below. 

Eidos Montreal and Deus Ex doesn’t have a monopoly on storylines involving augmented humans, but crikey that trailer is extremely evocative of the sci-fi series. It certainly doesn’t scream Call of Duty.

That’s not a bad thing, though. Call of Duty’s single-player campaigns are hardly substantial (though Advanced Warfare was a big improvement over Ghosts), but this premise has me at least mildly interested.

Has it got your attention?