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Longer-range shotguns, faster queuing and better servers will come to Infinite Warfare before launch

Airports - statistically the most gun deaths per capita in gaming happen here

As November looms so does this year’s inevitable Call of Duty title, which is due for release in four days. For those COD fans who played the Infinite Warfare beta, a new post to Reddit by Ashton Williams, the community manager for developer Infinity Ward, sets out the changes that have been made following the game’s open beta earlier this month.

Thirsty to 720-noscope some noobs? Here’s everything we know about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Here are a few highlights from among the changes discussed. Hopefully, if you played the beta, these will fix any concerns you had.

Weapons balancing

  • Shotgun damage at longer range has been increased, as has the one-shot kill range. Shotgun damage should feel more consistent.
  • Bullet spread on sniper rifles disappears once the scope reaches the player’s eye, but will no longer gradually tighten as the scope approaches the player’s eye during aim-down-sights (ADS). Snipers will also flinch more when taking fire, the Quickdraw attachment is less effective, and some tweaks were made to aim assist.
  • Howitzer grenade launcher can now be fired from the hip instead of needing full ADS.
  • The RPR Evo epic variant (Ripper) will now recoil more given its bonus fire rate.

Other gameplay tweaks

  • Heatlh Regen time has been reduced.
  • Increased ‘salvage’ gain in mission teams (if you don’t know what salvage is, click here).
  • Gun Game mode now features all classic weapons, and the rate of capture bar decay in Domination has been halved.


  • If you experienced long queue times in lobbies, Infinity Ward list a number of changes that should improve them. These include relaxing their connection testing protocols, fixing issues in their geolocation system, and changing the way the track information about games already in progress.

Dedicated Servers

Infinity Ward assures anyone who noticed host migrations and “some poorer quality matches” during the beta that the issue should be much improved, after changes to their new dedicated server allocation system.

Times-to-kill (TTKs)

Often one of the more contentious aspects of COD, many players reported a very fast TTK in the Infinite Warfare beta, which Infinity Ward acknowledges as “different experiences with TTK”. Infinity Ward claims that “with the above adjustments to dedicated servers, matchmaking, and weapon tuning, we think you’ll find that the TTK will be more balanced at launch, both on the attacking and receiving end.”

You can check out the full update notes here. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is due for release on November 4. Naturally, pre-orders are live now.