You can play COD: Infinite Warfare free this weekend

"If I see a Titan, I'm taking it down."

With the next installment of Call of Duty heading back to the familiar battlegrounds of the Second World War and Activision pushing Destiny 2 as its next big sci-fi shooter, COD: Infinite Warfare is being left in the dust. As a last hurrah, Infinite Warfare is free on Steam this weekend, alongside most of the Call of Duty series being on sale.

If COD isn’t your thing, have a look at these other top PC shooters.

This free weekend is available right now, with it running until 13:00 PDT on Sunday. If you are enamoured with all the sliding, wall-running, robot shooting action, Infinite Warfare is also 50% off, going for just $29.99/£19.99. Do keep in mind you’ll essentially be paying for the campaign, as its multiplayer will be all but vacant past this weekend. The Digital Legacy edition is also available for 33% off, which contains Modern Warfare Remastered but you will have to pay for its DLC maps.

If you do want to play Modern Warfare, you’re better off buying the original which is 50% off, going for $19.99/£9.99. There is still a small community surrounding this game, so you’re bound to get a game if you go looking for it. With Zombie Chronicles also on the horizon for Black Ops 3, now may be the time to snag the game, seeing as it is also 50% off at $29.99/£19.99.

As for other games in the sale, you’ve got:

The sale lasts until Monday, so now is the time to stock up if you’re ready to heed the call of duty.