The best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons in each class

Here are the best guns in Modern Warfare for each weapon type

Looking for a list of all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons? The best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guns depend very much on the game mode, map, and whether you play standard or hardcore, but all weapons have some clearly defined characteristics that we’ve listed below.

Infinity Ward has clearly put a lot of work into the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons, overhauling the sound design, diversifying the idle animations, adding tactical and aim-down-sights reloads, and tweaking audio-visual feedback so that every shot feels impactful. However, the biggest changes come in the form of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s new photogrammetry tech, which allows for lifelike textures and details on the weapon models.

This is a complete list of all COD: Modern Warfare weapons, including all the DLC guns like the Holger-26, Ram-7, and the upcoming crossbow. Of course you can also tweak some of these weapons so they’re almost unrecognisable from their original form, so assault rifles like the AK-47 can be transformed into an AKS-74U or RPD – so there are even more options than what’s below.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons list

Here are all the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons:

guns in call of duty modern war

Assault rifles

From fully automatic rifles to burst-fire behemoths, the assault rifle category offers plenty of options for medium-range firefights, with a little flexibility for close and long-range battles.

FR 556

Better known as the Famas, the FR 556 is a burst-fire assault rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. If you’re veteran of COD 4 then think of the Famas as Modern Warfare 2019’s M16. Precise and packs a serious punch, but you may struggle in cramped spaces. The FR 556 also boasts one burst potential, meaning it will drop enemies ridiculously fast if you land all three hits in the upper chest area.


On paper, this is a solid albeit unremarkable assault rifle, but the M4A1 is the best assault rifle in Modern Warfare thanks to its ridiculously low recoil, high rate of fire, and moderate damage per shot.

If you add the right barrel and equip the mod that changes the fire rate to burst-fire then you’ll end up with an AR resembling the M16 from 2007’s Modern Warfare.

Kilo 141

A little bit wild when it comes to recoil, but this AR’s combo of high damage and fire rate makes it an efficient killer in close to medium range.

guns in call of duty modern kilo 141


This dishes out almost as much damage per shot as a marksman rifle, but you can expect a slow rate of fire and an almighty kick with each squeeze of the trigger.


The Ram-7 is like the Tar-21 from the original Modern Warfare games – very strong across the board, but not quite as deadly as the best in class ARs.


Hard to distinguish this assault rifle from the M4A1 in terms of its time to kill and accuracy, but is let down by a very closed iron sight and some steep recoil. Trim the barrel and increase the ADS time to turn this into a lethal carbine.


Ol’ reliable. This assault rifle drops very fast despite lots of vertical recoil. This will likely prove unpopular on console, but dominates firefights on PC where skilled players can manage the recoil. The iron sights are the same as in the original Modern Warfare, so you won’t have to waste an attachment slot on a scope.


This Russian bullpup has an astonishingly slow rate of fire for an assault rifle, but the damage and accuracy just about make up for it.


We’ve seen SCAR variants in pretty much every Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2, and this one behaves very similarly: it packs a serious punch, not to mention plenty of vertical recoil. The rate of fire is pretty slow, too, but it’s got a great time-to-kill over long ranges to make up for it.

mp5 in call of duty modern warfare


The SMGs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare don’t down particularly quickly, but they make up for it with high-rates of fire and decent mobility.


Fast-firing with tricky recoil – handy for clearing rooms, less so for battling snipers. If you’re aiming for a highly aggressive class then this is one of the best guns for the job, especially when tuned for hip-fire accuracy and gun-up time.


The MP5 is the best SMG in Modern Warfare, especially when you use the 10mm conversion kit, which massively increases the damage per shot. Whether you mod it for a run-and-gun playing style, or prefer its accuracy, there are few better options for mid-range combat.

uzi in cod modern warfare


Modern Warfare 2019’s Uzi is one of the worst iterations to date, although it has a sublime rattle when firing full-auto. Moderate damage, awful recoil, slow rate of fire, and mediocre clip size – pass.

PP19 bizon

This high ammo count SMG has featured in a lot of previous Call of Duty games, but it feels a little week in Modern Warfare despite its outrageous magazine size. A great pick for hardcore Shipment 24/7.


High accuracy is the main selling point of this SMG, but it also has solid stats across the board. The AUG also does a pretty impressive job of bridging the gap between SMGs and assault rifles, especially with the right attachments equipped.


This one will feel familiar to anyone who got their hands on it in the original Modern Warfare – plenty of rounds in the mag, decent damage, and a superb firing rate make this one of the best SMGs in the game.

cod modern warfare snipers

Sniper rifles

Scopes are a little different in Modern Warfare 2019, and feature a magnification visual effect to make them more realistic. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sniper rifles all start with a high-zoom scope that makes them a little tricky to use aggressively.


The Dragunov is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that’s great for mid-range battles where you can spray freely. Very accurate and downs quickly, too. You’ll probably want to unlock a shorter range sight to get the most out of this rifle.


High damage bolt-action sniper rifle – one for the quickscopers, plus it’s relatively mobile for its class. While the golden era of quick-scoping is long gone, the AX-50 is doing its best to bring them back with a gloriously sliky bolt-action and scope-in feel. The AX-50 is the best sniper rifle in Modern Warfare.


This is basically the new .50 caliber sniper rifle, so expect it to drop enemies with a single body shot. However, it will take a lifetime to scope in from sprinting and the cycle rate is equally poor, so this is best used if you have a decent vantage point and long lines of sight.

shotguns in call of duty modern warfare


Shotguns tend to be less popular in Call of Duty games, but some players are able to do some serious work with these close-range killers. The selection of shotguns in Modern Warfare is already impressive.

Model 680

High damage and decent range for a shotgun, but as it’s pump-action you’ll need to land every hit.


Even after multiple nerfs, the 725 is still the best shotgun in Modern Warfare. A classic over/under double-barrel shotgun, the 725 is devastating up close, but really comes into its own as a mid-range, one-shot killer – you’ll need to tune it up for range, tighter pellet spread, and reload speed.

R9-0 Shotgun

It takes a while to get used to the double, er double-barrel action of the R9-0 shotgun, but it’s very effective in close-quarters. A slow reload speed and a delay between the first two shots and the final two shots make this quite poor at taking down more than two enemies in a single fight.

Origin 12 Shotgun

This is a good old-fashioned room-clearer. Walk into a close-quarters situation, hammer away at the trigger, and emerge covered in viscera.

pkm in call of duty modern warfare


LMGs are superb support weapons but you may struggle to keep up with the throng of players in fast-paced multiplayer modes because of their low mobility. These can be very powerful in the 20v20 Ground War mode, where you can post up in a building and mow down infantry.


Marries the mobility and flexibility of an AR to the clip size and damage of an LMG. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunsmith allows you to tweak this in a number of ways, so if you can either change it to an AR or extend the clip size and its accuracy over longer ranges.


Best to think of this as the M249 SAW: high rate of fire, high ammo count, and decent damage to boot. The only drawback is some nasty sideways recoil and slow aim time.


This is similar to the SA87 in that it’s arguably better when transformed into an assault rifle. The modded Holger-26 is still a way off the G36C it’s a lethal stand-in.


A very slow rate of fire and high recoil are mitigated by monstrous damage per shot. If you land with this heavy LMG then you’ll have no problem climbing to the top of the scoreboard, which is why the PKM is our pick for the best LMG in Modern Warfare.


Odd to see an older LMG in Modern Warfare, but this makes sense when you consider the insurgent factions in the campaign. Expect an unmatched rate of fire, high damage, and excellent bullet penetration, but an agonising aim down sight speed.

kar98k in COD modern warfare

Marksman Rifles

For snipers on the go, these rifles have a higher fire rate than their heavier cousins and are more mobile, too. However, in core modes they may not always kill with a single body shot.


This semi-automatic long range battle rifle balances a decent rate of fire with high lethality, but you’ll want to get past the iron sights as soon as possible and stick to mid-range engagements.

MK2 Carbine

A highly accurate lever action rifle, the MK2 will neutralise an enemy with two chest shots, or one at the right range, making it deadly in the right hands. Slap on as many mobility-enhancing attachments as possible and the MK2 Carbine is the best marksman rifle in Modern Warfare.


This should probably be in with the sniper rifle class, but if you’ve played any of the WW2 Call of Duty games you don’t need us to tell you how good this relic is and it’s nice to have the option to make it either a lethal sniper rifle or a quick-scoping phenom.

pistols in call of duty modern warfare


Simple but effective sidearms. Remember, switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading.

.50 GS

One of the more powerful semi-automatic handguns available, it’s ammunition deals heavy damage up to intermediate ranges, but it’s trickyt to control the recoil and the rate of fire is appalling.


Easy to control with a decent rate of fire. This is a decent sidearm to whip out when you only need one or two bullets to finish off an enemy. Plus, it can be heavily modded to suit your playing style – the X16 is the best pistol in Modern Warfare.


Semi-automatic 9mm pistol, the M19 has excellent stability with a rapid cycle rate.


A classic pistol you’ll recognise from countless other first-person shooter games, the 1911 has a small clip size but hits very hard for such a fast-firing semi-automatic pistol.

.357 Magnum

Like the .50 GS the .357 Magnum deals heaps of damage, but you better land every hit as the rate of fire and clip size are disappointing.

javelin in call of duty modern warfare


You’ll mainly see Call of Duty’s humble rocket launchers when a troublesome kill streak is looming overhead, but Ground War ensures there are plenty of excuses to bring one of these along.


Lock on or free-fire, the PILA fires rockets at high velocity and deals moderate damage to vehicles and infantry alike.


The Strela-P can lock onto vehicles, so if you’re looking for something to bring a pesky UAV down then this a versatile rocket launcher as it can also be fired without locking on. It’s nowhere near as deadly to infantry as other launchers.


This rocket launcher is a ton of fun in multiplayer where you can use it to punish teams who group up too tightly. This launcher is the scourge of hardcore matches, where it can clear out rooms and spawn areas with ease. The RPG-7 is easily the best launcher in Modern Warfare.


This fire-and-forget anti-vehicle launcher is back and should be crucial in Ground War. We’ve seen it used to great effect to kill enemies at spawn – a dirty tactic, but effective, especially if you’re grinding through camo challenges.


There are only two weapons in this category: one primary and one secondary.

Riot Shield

This will protect your front from all incoming fire, allowing you to push into deadly areas. However, you’ll need solid teammates supporting you as you’re pretty defenceless with this equipped, save for a melee attack.

The Riot Shield is very effective as a secondary weapons as it protects a large amount of your back.

Combat Knife

increases melee striking distance and damage, allowing you to quickly and efficiently defeat enemies in very close proximity.

And there you have it. All the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons and guns you can get your hands on. We know that there will be a few new guns with each new season, so stay tuned for even more.