Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters will have all their guns taken off them

Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters will have their guns taken away from them, thanks to the new disarm update in Activision’s anti-cheat system Ricochet

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Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters are the bane of our lives. It’s hard enough trying to survive, with the STG 44s and EOD perks, and trying to get our heads around the new Fortune’s Keep map – the learning curve, when your rivals have the best guns, immunity to explosives, and you don’t even know where you’re going, is steep enough.

So we’re grateful that Ricochet , Warzone’s bespoke anti-cheat system, constantly monitored by Activision’s server-side security, is adding a new feature to its already powerful arsenal of un-fairplay deterrents – and it comes in the form of public humiliation.

Disarm, announced as part of the latest Ricochet progress report, is a new mitigation feature which means, if you’re caught cheating, all your guns will be taken away from you mid-match, exposing you as a fraud and leaving you at the mercy of everyone around you. It joins some of Ricochet’s earlier mitigation features – so named because they are designed to limit cheating by mitigating players’ abilities – such as cloak, which makes your enemies disappear in front of you, and damage shield, which essentially wraps everyone else in Kevlar, meaning your hideous, cheating bullets can’t do any damage.

“Today we’re sharing another mitigation technique from our toolbox,” says Activision. “Like the name implies, when cheaters are detected, Disarm simply takes their weapons away from them (including their fists). We don’t expect many clips of this to find their way online, but we have seen it in action and the reactions from cheaters are always priceless.”

Thankfully, a few clips have made it online, courtesy of Call of Duty fansite Charlie Intel. Not only is Disarm an efficient anti-cheat method, it adds a delicious layer of slapstick and irony which Warzone players are sure to appreciate.

“We have other mitigations that we’ll likely spill the beans on in the future,” continues Activision. “Beyond the mission to combat unfair play, we have a second somewhat secret mission to annoy as many cheaters as we can.”