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Looks like Call of Duty: Warzone is heading to mobiles, too

New mobile FPS will “improve upon the Warzone formula”

Call of Duty: Warzone system requirements

Call of Duty: Warzone could soon be heading to mobile platforms, according to a job listing that recently appeared – and quickly disappeared – from Activision’s website. The role, according to the listing, involves “product framing and player experience of a new AAA mobile FPS in the Call of Duty franchise”.

That “AAA mobile FPS in the Call of Duty franchise” is looking very much like a mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone. The job title includes the abbreviation WZM – which likely means Warzone mobile. The listing also gave some indication of the direction a potential mobile version of the battle royale game might be taking. The post specificies the need for a “development leader who can define and harvest the important elements”. This suggests there’ll be at least a few changes as Warzone makes the journey to mobile platforms.

At the time of writing, the role has apparently been filled and removed from the Activision careers site, but site CharlieIntel snapped a screenshot of the listing while it was still up.

Further info included on the job listing also specifies the need to “harvest, adapt, and deliver the essential features from Warzone console and PC into their best mobile instantiation.” Suggesting, again, the possibility of major updates or changes to this version of the game. As is the call to “improve upon the Warzone formula,” through “mobile-specific additions”. It also mentions “feature changes”, with the aim of ensuring a “best-in-class mobile experience that players will love”.

Other than this posting, though, it’s not clear if or when we might see a Call of Duty Warzone mobile release date roll around. If you’re looking for the best loadout to stay ahead of the competition, have a look at our best Warzone loadout drop guide. Don’t forget to check out at our guide to the best Call of Duty: Warzone PC settings, if you don’t fancy making the switch from desktop to mobile any time soon.